Carry On 2017

Individuals wait, silence is heard, a microscopic attention through a tired mass. If the film is almost mute, it is because it focuses on silent figures, although their struggle is deafening.

Carry On 2014

During the brutal withdrawal of Japanese forces at the end of WWII, a Chinese father does whatever he can to save his family.

Carry Harry 1942

After getting into a compromising situation with a woman and her angry boyfriend, Harry uses a fire escape to hide in a friend's apartment, but finds that he climbed into the woman's one by mistake.

Carry Me Home 2004

A widow named Harriet and her two children Carrie and Brian are living in rural New York in 1947 and are still recovering from the death of Harriet's husband killed in World War II. Carrie is a tomboy and hangs around with boys and they have their own clubhouse. Carrie and her friends make mischief and taunt their mentally challenged neighbor Charlie by stealing one of his puppies. Harriet meets a man named Bernard and begin a courtship, but Carrie is furious that her mother is dating Bernard and wants it to stop. The jealousy and anger of Carrie raises to a fever pitch when Carrie and her friends destroy their neighbor Mr. Grizzle's garden and pour sugar into his tractor. Grizzle then takes Charlie's other puppies away from him and then Grizzle's barn is destroyed by fire. Carrie learns it's time for her to grow up and make amends with her mother and her neighbors for the grief and pain she caused them.

Carry on Again Christmas 1970

The second of the four Carry On Christmas specials, this one loosely recounts the story of Treasure Island with Sid James as Long John Silver and Barbara Windsor, strangely, as Jim Hawkins. The writing never quite builds up any steam, and many of the jokes were recycled from previous films anyhow. This special was filmed in black and white -- strangely, since the previous one was in color. I generally love the look of black and white, and the earliest films in the Carry On series do fine with it. But here it is used ineffectively and feels like a budgetary concession, which I'm sure it was.

Carry on Admiral 1957

Two friends get drunk and decide to switch identities. One is a Parliamentary Secretary, and the other is the captain of a ship. The former's lack of sea knowledge causes several catastrophes, including torpedoing the First Lord of The Admiralty. The grass is always greener.... In this British comedy, two drunken comrades find out the truth of that saying when they decide to trade places for a while. One of the boozers is a public relations man who knows nothing about sailing, while the other is a captain for the Royal Navy. Comic mayhem ensues as the hapless "captain" tries to run his ship and follow orders.

Carry on Christmas (or Carry On Stuffing) 1972

Two unforeseen problems meant that many fans consider this the weakest Christmas special. Firstly, Talbot Rothwell became ill whilst writing the script, and was unable to finish it. Dave Freeman had to be brought in to complete the script, but the two men did not work together. As a result, the script does not flow as easily as the earlier offerings. Secondly, Charles Hawtrey pulled out of the special at short notice. Having taken third billing to Sid James and Terry Scott in the previous two shows, and knowing they would both be absent, Hawtrey demanded top billing. But Carry On producer Peter Rogers refused, giving top billing to Hattie Jacques instead. Hawtrey's role had hastily to be recast, and was split between Norman Rossington and Brian Oulton, both of whom had played cameo roles in several Carry On films. The special featured a collection of historical sketches, loosely linked around an 18th-century banquet.

What's a Carry On? 1998

Documentary commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 'Carry On' comedy film series. Archive clips and out-takes are mixed with interviews with the surviving 'Carry On' cast.

Carry on Christmas 1969

Ebenezer Scrooge is a misery on Christmas, not allowing people money or doing anything to share Christmas cheer around his employees or acquaintances. While Scrooge is visited by three ghosts we see how his penny pinching has affected those around him.

Carry on Christmas 1973

Sid James as Father Christmas recounts times of the festive season through the ages, from life in stone age times. A country house party in the 18th Century. Christmas in the trenches during world war one. Next up is a Robin Hood send up with Sid as Robin.

Carry Me Away 2013

A young couple comes looking for a fresh start in the big city. She washes dishes all day, while he hands out leaflets on the street. They're bounded by an unusual love. This is the day their secret falls flat.

Carry Me Back 1982

Two brothers take their father into the city for the weekend for a rugby game and a night on the town. However, the old man dies in their hotel and the boys need to smuggle his body back to their farm and make it appear that he died there to satisfy a clause in his will or else they won't inherit the property.

What a Carry On! 1949

Northern comedy greats, Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, decide to enlist in the army. Their singing sergeant-major, the Irish tenor Josef Locke, misappropriates the mess funds. When he picks on Jewel and Warriss, the duo’s comic routines come thick and fast.

The Wind Will Carry Us 1999

Irreverent city engineer Behzad comes to a rural village in Iran to keep vigil for a dying relative. In the meanwhile the film follows his efforts to fit in with the local community and how he changes his own attitudes as a result.

Carry on Con Men 1975

The two lead roles (Liang Tien & Chang Ying) are in competition (never really explained why), teaching people lesson (including each other), but when the going gets tough, they join forces.

I Carry the Gift 2014

Adam Cullin is a well-intended family man whose journey in life is de-railed when he finds himself trapped somewhere between the spiritual world and reality. Watch as he struggles to cope and tries to piece together his life as it crumbles down around him. Is his "supportive family" the real cause of his pain?

Carry the Tune 2014

Students discover musical opportunities outside of high school, and use it to find a sense of balance in their lives.

Carry on, Sergeant! 1928

A group of workers decide to join the army in the Great War. The indulge themselves in the side benefits to being soldiers, and one of them marries a French waitress.

Champions Carry on 1943

A documentary about how American sports figures are contributing to the war effort.

Carry on Yakuza 1989

Michael Chan plays Charlie Chan, a boxer who goes to Japan to take on a local hotshot in the ring. A gang of yakuzas pressure him to take a dive, but Charlie beats his opponent senseless instead, resulting in a life-or-death chase in which Charlie and his coach try to escape from the angry gangsters. They are spared by the yakuza boss Yakoda, and their eagerness to impress him leads them to pretend that they are the leaders of an influential triad organization known as the Marlboro Gang. That gang doesn't really exist, and their ruse only leads them to further endangerment after Yakoda is murdered by one of his employees. Yakoda's widow sends their daughter (who speaks Cantonese) to Hong Kong so that she won't be next on the hit list, and Charlie -- still pretending to be a powerful triad gangster -- agrees to protect her. He and his friends must save the girl from assassination attempts and kidnapping along the way, as well as coming to the rescue of Yakoda's widow.

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