Out of the Black 2001

Two brothers struggle to uncover the truth behind the mining accident that killed their father and bankrupted the town.

Beware the Black Widow 1968

Investigators enlist the aid of a call girl to capture a dangerous killer praying on local mobsters.

Riders of Black Mountain 1940

Marshal Tim Donovan has been sent to investigate a series of holdups. Posing as a card sharp he soon believes he knows who is tipping off the outlaws. So he sets up a fake shipment knowing that if the stage is robbed the contact person will be identiifed. But the day the stage is due the Sheriff arrests the gang Tim was expecting to do the robbery.

Dark Watchers: The Women in Black 2012

More and more UFO sightings occur every day. Across the globe people are losing time, friends and loved ones disappear, while the Men in Black are perpetually lurking in the background. In a sleepy seaside village, three women search the skies for a sighting of a UFO that is repeatedly haunting the area. Every day they venture out until one day they return having completely lost 4 hours from their lives. Their need to understand the UFO's and why they are here opens a world they could never have imagined and takes them into the heart of a dark and secretive universe populated by the Men in Black. Coming face to face with the unknown, they begin to realize that they have been profoundly affected by their encounter. To make matters worse, they begin to evolve into something amazing, yet horrifying - something beyond their worst nightmares. Beware the Dark Watchers. Written by Philip Gardiner

The Black King 1932

An unscrupulous minister starts a 'back to Africa' movement.

The Black Pearl 1928

A pearl stolen from an Indian idol results in nothing but trouble for its owner. After he receives death threats by note pinned to a dagger, he decides to gather his relatives in his old mansion for a reading of his will. Unfortunately, the family members are being mysteriously bumped off one by one. The butler and an heiress set out to discover what's going on.

The Black Lash 1952

Having sent Deuce Rago to prison in Frontier Revenge (1948), Lash finds he's out and his outlaw gang are at it again. This time he has the Lawyer Leonard and Joan to help him out and Lash and Fuzzy must bring him in once more.

Black Man Down 1996

A young firebrand Aboriginal man is forced to confront his spirituality when he is beaten by the police.

Fade to Black 2001

Things were going pretty well for Julia. She was about to get her Bachelor's degree in drama, had many promising offers from local theater troupes, and it seemed as if her boyfriend, Gilbey, was finally getting serious about their relationship and might even pop the question. But Julia's life takes a sudden and drastic downturn, and she slowly finds out things are not what they seem...

Knowing Richard Black 2001

Marilyne, an African woman in her late thirties, is about to return to her homeland after a life of exclusively dating white men. But she's honor-bound to keep a promise she made to her best friend Vanena to "experience" a black man before she leaves -- in less than a week. A wholly unique film that is unscripted, unrehearsed and completely true.

The Black Panther 1956

Principal scenes from this kids' film, minus all shots featuring Sabu, were also used in the semi-adult film "Untamed Mistress", made and released by the same people in the same year.

The Black Stork 1917

A young man and woman are considering marriage; eugenicist Harry J Haiselden warns that they are ill-matched and will produce defective offspring. He is right; their baby is born defective, dies quickly and floats into heaven.

Black Nations/Queer Nations? 1995

This is an experimental documentary chronicling the March 1995 groundbreaking conference on lesbian and gay sexualities in the African diaspora. The conference brought together an array of dynamic scholars, activists and cultural workers including Essex Hemphill, Kobena Mercer, Barbara Smith, Urvashi Vaid and Jacqui Alexander to interrogate the economic, political and social situations of diasporic lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgendered peoples. The video brings together the highlights of the conference and draws connections between popular culture and contemporary black gay media production. The participants discuss various topics: Black and queer identity, the shortcomings of Black nationalism, and homophobia in Black communities. Drawing upon works such as Isaac Julien's "The Attendant" and Jocelyn Taylor's "Bodily Functions", this documentary illuminates the importance of this historic conference for Black lesbians and gays.

Black Americana 2 1943

Comedy / Music/Musical / Other - The film was made by 'Sepia Productions' which company sought in part to present images of African Americans not seen in white-produced movies. The plot of this short film is that the upstairs border, Adam Jones, has been seen sneaking in the house late at night with round packages, which starts the rumor that he's building an atom bomb in his room.

The Black Duck 1929

Okay, this is an entry in the "Aesop's Sound Fables" and is a version of the little-black-duck and the wolf-in-sheep's clothing fables about the sibling duck who was shunned because of his color, and not because of race.

Black Plus X 1966

Tambellini here focuses on contemporary life in a black community. The extra, the “X” of Black Plus X, is a filmic device by which a black person is instantaneously turned white by the mere projection of the negative image. The time is summer, and the place is an oceanside amusement park where black children are playing in the surf and enjoying the rides, quite oblivious to Tambellini’s tongue-in-cheek “solution” to the race problem.

Blue Danube, Black Sea 2000

Romantic river banks and unspoilt nature - wherever the Danube flows these types of landscapes dominate. This comprehensive cinematic portrait of Europe's second longest river presents numerous scenes of heavenly beauty along the banks of the Danube, as well as the tension between humans and nature and civilisation and wilderness.

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