Masterchef Goes Large 2005

John Torode and Gregg Wallace are looking for the country's next star chef. Those who make it through to the quarter-final must prove their knowledge and passion for food. The heats have produced four exceptional cooks, but only one of them will make it through today to become a semi-finalist. Initially named Masterchef Goes Large, the series changed it's name to Masterchef in 2008.

Wanda at Large 2003

Wanda at Large is an American sitcom that ran for two seasons on the Fox network in 2003. The series was created by and stars comedian Wanda Sykes.

Doctor at Large 1971

Doctor at Large is a British television comedy series based on a set of books by Richard Gordon about the misadventures of a group of newly qualified doctors. The series follows directly from its predecessor Doctor in the House, and was produced by London Weekend Television in 1971. Writers for the Doctor at Large episodes were Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Bernard McKenna, Geoff Rowley, Andy Baker, Jonathan Lynn and David Yallop, as well as George Layton.

Livin' Large 2017

“Livin’ Large” follows the adventures of the hilarious, fun-loving, self-accepting members of the Stepney Family as they pursue their dreams and navigate a world designed for thinner people. Life is too short to focus on weight loss when they could be living life in the fast lane, even when the fast lane can’t quite fully support them. While understanding that they could be healthier, and always striving to better themselves, they don’t let their size hold them back from living their lives full of humor, drama and family adventure. The six-episode marathon which begins at 9pm ET/PT, follows Anicya, Adam, Anthony, Cherrie, Crystal and Danisha through dating, preaching, producing music, riding segways and even ziplining! “Livin’ Large” is produced by TwoFour America. Natalie Allan, Marcie Hume, Andrew MacKenzie, Bernie Schaeffer and Melanie Leach are executive producers. Mary Donahue and David Hillman executive produce for Lifetime.

Little and Large

Little and Large were a British comedy double act comprising straight man Syd Little and comic Eddie Large. They formed their partnership in 1962, appearing as singers in local pubs around north-west England. They later turned to comedy and, after appearing on Opportunity Knocks they had their own Thames Television series in 1977, and then appeared on BBC1 on The Little and Large Show from 1978 until their show was cancelled in 1991. Eddie Large was generally the funny man while Syd Little was the more serious 'straight guy'. Eddie Large performed a number of impressions, particularly cartoon characters like Deputy Dawg and Woodywoodpecker. They continued to appear in theatres and pantomimes, including "Babes in the Woods" written by Ian Billings. The two were at the peak of their popularity, along with Cannon and Ball, in the 1980s. However, as mainstream comedy moved away from their pantomimish style towards alternative comedy, their popularity dwindled. When they first appeared Little and Large were seen for a time as successors to Morecambe and Wise, who defected from the BBC to ITV in 1978, but despite the long run of their show the pair never entered the public consciousness in the way Eric and Ernie did.

Dave Allen at Large 1971

David Tynan O'Mahony, better known as Dave Allen, was an Irish comedian. Initially becoming known in Australia during 1963–64, Allen made regular television appearances in the United Kingdom in the later 1960s and 1970s

Geraldo at Large

Geraldo at Large is a United States television newsmagazine, hosted by Fox News correspondent-at-large and former talk show host Geraldo Rivera.

Adrienne At Large

Adrienne At Large was a Canadian half-hour public affairs television show. The show was broadcast on CTV at 10 p.m. on Thursdays from September 26, 1974 until January 2, 1975. Adrienne Clarkson and Glenn Sarty hosted the show.

Justice at Large

Justice at Large is an Irish television sitcom that aired on RTÉ for one series in 1969. Starring Paul Farrell, it was written by former barrister and actor Rex Mackey.

Garroway at Large

Garroway at Large was an experimental musical variety show program with the host Dave Garroway in the Golden Age of Television. It was telecast at 10pm on Saturday on NBC from April 1949 to 1954. Garroway at Large aired with a full symphony orchestra conducted by Alfredo Antonini. There were two female singers, Betty Chapel and Connie Russell and a male singer, Jack Haskell. In addition, the Hamilton Trio, a contemporary dance group, appeared each week, along with comedian Cliff Norton. The show had only one local Chicago broadcast on April 8, 1949 before becoming an NBC Network program. The series is notable for introducing an innovative presentation and staging to television. When television began in New York, the shows adopted the familiar theatrical proscenium concept, separating the stage from the audience area. After World War II, several programs originated from Chicago, where Garroway was a disc jockey on radio station WMAQ. When Garroway was assigned to host on television, he abandoned the usual conventions for a more casual approach in which the reality of the studio was acknowledged. Followed by a single camera, he walked around the entire large studio space and simple abstract sets as he talked to guests and the TV viewer directly. This live staging technique, known as the "Chicago Style", was developed further on Garroway's next show, Today.

Zoo Vet at Large

Zoo Vet at Large is a television series following the work of zoo vet Matt Brash at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire. The programme originated from Yorkshire Television and is also shown world wide on channels such as Sky Travel and the Danish channel Viasat. Matt Brash has been called the James Herriot of the 21st century. His veterinary home is currently in the village of Stamford Bridge but was formally in the town of Pocklington.

Davis at Large

Davis at Large is an Irish variety and chat show presented by Derek Davis. The studio-based show aired on Friday nights, and later on Sunday nights, between 2 November 1984 and 23 February 1986.

The Little And Large Show

The Little and Large Show was a comedy variety television show, featuring Eddie Large and Syd Little. The show was cancelled in 1991.