Field of Amapolas 2012

Farmer Emilio is forced to work for his cousin gathering the poppy crop while his nine-year-old son Simon befriends a girl of his age. She is obsessed with playing with a puppy dog she can't afford. Simon steals it for her every day, but returns it each night. One day, the cousin discovers Simon's secret and decides to use him for his own greedy plan.

Distance-Landscape: Football Field 2011

Study of the relationship between observer and landscape in the contemplative experience. The view building the landscape from the necessary distance. The delimitation of its borders against the total continuum of nature. The observer immersed in the path of his gaze across the landscape. Resting the gaze in the details that make the globallity. The view selecting the space included as a landscape.

The Field of Love 2005

This folk-music movie is a remake of one of the most famous Thai movie (มนต์รักลูกทุ่ง) shot in 1970. It features 14 folk songs or "LUUK THUNG" songs. It is about a love story between a poor peasant, Klao, and a young woman, Thong Kwao, coming from a rich family. Thong Kwao's parents are worried about the family assets if their daughter marries a poor man so they send her to Bangkok so that she can be far away from Klao. Thong Kwao's parents refuse Klao's proposal for marriage and request an expensive dowry (ค่าสินสอด), i.e. 100 000 Baht. Various misunderstandings happen between Klao and Thong Kwao but love will win.

The Field of Magic 2011

The "Field of Magic" is a docu-poem about people living for over two decades in the Buda forest, near the closed down Kariotiskes dump in Lithuania. After four years of work, this film captures the perspective of the dump dwellers. It tells the story about the dissolving community, its uniqueness, daily routine, specific way of life, every-day joys and sorrows.

A Foreign Field 1993

Amos and Cyril are a pair of British veterans from WWII, going back to Normandy 50 years after D-Day to visit an old buddy's grave. There, they run into Waldo, an American WWII vet. And both Waldo and Cyril run into a French woman they were both enamored of in their soldiering days and begin squabbling over her. Waldo's son and daughter-in-law are putting up with him and each other. And the entire group meet up with a woman who has come to visit the grave of her brother. Together, they form an odd camaraderie, bound by the past as they share their memories.

Solo in a Fallow Field 1982

Kalina links traditional animation with a re-projection. To the rhythm of the popular folk song Ukochany kraj, umiłowany kraj (Beloved country, dear country) he creates an anti-ballade about the farmer’s hard life and difficult work. Monotonous and mechanical activities degrade a man.

Wild Field 2008

A young doctor relocates to a remote region of central Asia, thinking his fiancee soon will join him ...

Bravery in the Field 1979

An aged World War II veteran and a young street punk violently meet and discover more in common than anticipated.

Potter's Field Ministries 2017

By combining a pottery making demonstration, teaching, personal testimony, and music, Mike and Pam Rozell, Founders of Potter's Field Ministries, invite us to allow God to shape and mold our lives like a master potter, as referred to in Jeremiah 18.

Field Song 2017

Roberto E. Olivera (67) has spent his life working the fields of Ventura County. As a boy, he survived poverty and a brutal stepfather. This film follows Roberto, now an old man, for one day, as he tours the fields where he used to work and recounts the lesson his late mother taught him — that everything in life is temporary.

Cadfael: The Potter's Field

A year after Brother Ruald answers his vocation and becomes a monk at Shrewsbury, a body, believed to be his deserted wife, is unearthed near his cottage.

Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage 2017

Half Mick, half WOP, hard-headed comedian Andrew Santino returns to his Chicago hometown for a stand-up special with the authentic taste of a city made of Italian beef, Old Style and deep dish. Shot at the historic Vic Theater, Santino touches on everything from growing up thinking he was black and a disgust with bachelorette parties, to his bouts with severe acne and male porn stars envy.

Potter's Field Ministries 2011

Released in 2011, this is an updated DVD recorded live at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale in 2010! The DVD contains the full 80 minute presentation of Potter's Field Ministries, along with many extras.

Flying Over the Blue Field 1996

"After “Antigravitation” I wanted to make another step up, where disappears last prop under your feets. “Flying Over the Blue Field” – movie about loneliness in infinite sky. Man stays with himself, home-made plane and balance on the limit between death and life." - Audrius Stonys.

The Story in Sorghum Field 1984

A touching story about a strong-willed woman who endures much pain and suffering in caring for her feeble husband and new born child. Her gallant efforts are not only shunned upon by her husband, they are left unappreciated.

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