Field of Fire 1991

Sergeant Thomas Duncan takes his men behind enemy lines to recover a secret government fighter copter and its pilot, a secret weapon all his own. But once stationed in the dense jungle brush of Vietnam, their radio goes out all hope of contacting their home base is out, and it is up to Duncan and his men to get to the hook up point by the agreed time. A traitor in the home camp is sending messages to the enemy side; Duncan must hurry!

Field of Vision 2011

Through mysterious footage captured on an old malfunctioning video camera, Sinclair High School's star quarterback, Tyler McFarland, learns that some of his teammates have been bullying Cory Walker, a troubled new transfer student. Aware that sharing this information with the coach might get his friends kicked off the team and ultimately cost the school the state championship, Tyler must choose what's more important: winning or doing what's right. As these events unfold, the camera also reveals more surprising footage to Tyler's kid sister Lucy. She learns that Cory has a secret past, unknown even to him. Now Lucy must convince her mom (Faith Ford, Murphy Brown) and family that the camera's revealing insight is not a product of her imagination as she enlists their help to find the answers Cory so desperately needs. It's a compelling and intriguing story that shows both the challenges and rewards of doing the right thing even when it's tough to do.

Lizzies of the Field 1924

There is no love lost between the Red Dog Garage, and the Black Cat Garage, two auto repair shops on opposite sides of the street. A big cross-country auto race is announced, and it turns into a no-holds-barred contest as the rival garages go all out to win.

In a Cane Field 2016

In a beachside town, the body of a teenage girl is found in a cane field. Her death is a mystery that envelops the community as those close to her grapple with loss, in all its senselessness.

To Stretch A Field

A short, hallucinogenic journey through a field. A study of space and naturalism.

Sinai Field Mission 1978

SINAI FIELD MISSION shows the routine activities of the diplomats and electronics technicians who operate the U.S. Sinai Field Mission, the early warning system established in 1976 to help facilitate the disengagement between Egypt and Israel after the 1973 war. The major purpose of the Mission is to monitor the approaches to strategic passes and to verify the operations of the Egyptian and Israeli surveillance stations in the Sinai Buffer Zone.

Field of Honor 1986

Korea 1951: After a Chinese attack Dutch mercenary sergeant De Koning is left alone by his army. While trying to survive, he meets a woman who is attempting to save her little brother. The image of the boy in shock changes him.

Arlington: Field of Honor 2005

Once little more than a potter's field, Arlington National Cemetery has become a national shrine and treasury of American history. Discover how this revered site came to be, and how it serves as the final resting place for both the famous and obscure, from John F. Kennedy to the Unknown Soldier. Through rare archival footage and captivating, true-life accounts, experience the moving stories of heroes and gain a privileged glimpse into the daily activities and official rituals of the dedicated staff. From fallen soldiers and daring explorers to political leaders, the hallowed history of Arlington reveals a powerful portrait of this iconic and venerated landmark.

Bravery in the Field 1979

An aged World War II veteran and a young street punk violently meet and discover more in common than anticipated.

An Aviation Field 2016

Moving and mysterious, Joana Pimenta’s An Aviation Field juxtaposes the natural and the manmade as it links the great utopian modernist project of Brasilia to the volcanic crater in Fogo, Cape Verde, and offers speculative futures for a troubling past.

Strangers In The Field 2015

In April 2013, unfamiliar faces appear at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium during the opening matches between Doosan and SK. The nervous middle-aged men throwing and batting the first ball are, in fact, Korean-Japanese former team members that played on that same spot in the 1982 finals of the Bong-hwang-dae-ki games. Director Kim Myeong-joon uses the four mounds of a baseball field to reproduce the happy reunion between the middle-aged men, who are no longer baseball players, just those who lead very normal lives. Their reunion begins at the batter’s box and ends at home plate, and does more than simply remember the individuals who played in the 1982 games. It shows the history of Korean baseball marked by the footprints left by the Korean-Japanese players who visited their homeland between 1956 and 1997.

The Field Mouse 1941

It's about these children mice on a farm doing work for their mama and grandpop. The mom catches one of her offspring, Herman, sleeping late and wakes him up by spanking him. After he cries to Grandpa, the ground starts shaking. The tractor is on the way!

Holy Field Holy War 2014

Film art as a vehicle for denounce. This time, documentary film maker Kowalski chooses the seemingly quiet Polish landscape, a land chosen for gas drilling, making a careful examination through a cautious revision of the tracks left on the fields and the sincere confessions of discontentment of the farmers who witnessed the terrifying consequences of the intervention of great international corporations in the fields of Poland. The landscape in this resource-exploited land is infested by an invisible menace. With a special interest in the gaze of the oppressed, Kowalski delivers a somehow melancholic film, revealing a declaration of love to the land and nature before they go into oblivion.

Rice Field of Dreams 2013

Follow Cambodia's first national baseball team as they prepare for the 24th Sea Games- the premier sporting competition between South East Asian nations, similar to the Olympic Games- to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Encounter the texture of daily life in the players' villages, meet the American coaches whose passion for the game has fueled their desire to win, and travel with the team as they pour their blood, sweat and tears into training. Can they bring home a medal?

Depth of Field

Ben and Lydia Holland have moved into an old farm on a large plot of land in Wisconsin, hoping to escape their stressful and busy life in Chicago. Finally getting a chance to breathe, the two begin their new lives exploring passions that were previously on hold. When Ben notices mysterious figures popping up in his photographs, he attempts to unveil the dark past that surrounds their new farm. As pressure from the sheriff and harassment from the locals push Ben and Lydia to a breaking point, the couple moves dangerously closer to discovering the truth behind the apparitions in the field.

In the Field 2010

Rural images taken from a few pictures mixed with an audio track of identical sounds.

Lilies of the Field 1924

A young mother, Mildred, doesn't know that her husband Walter is cheating on her. One night she attends a party with a friend of her husband's, and the man gets drunk and begins groping her when they get home. Her husband sees this and uses it as an excuse to sue his wife for divorce. In the ensuing trial he wins, due to fraudulent evidence, and gets custody of the child. Complications ensue.

Lilies of the Field 1930

Silent screen sweetheart Corinne Griffith, who originally wanted to retire when talkies came in, proved the wisdom of her earlier decision when she starred in the clunky musical drama Lilies of the Field. Griffith is cast as Mildred Harker, who loses custody of her child in a messy divorce settlement. Leaving her hometown in disgrace, Mildred heads to New York, where after a crash course in the school of hard knocks she joins the chorus of a Ziegfeld-like musical revue. Now a full-fledged gold-digger, she enjoys the favors of backstage johnnies and elderly sugar daddies, but finally finds true love in the form of Park Avenue socialite Ted Willing (Ralph Forbes). Remake of 1924 film of the same name and star.

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