The Dark Knight 2011

In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by feuding warlords, a group of desperate soldiers hatch a plan to steal a Warlord's treasure and start a new life. Faced with the threat of a horrific death at the hands of the Warlord's executioners, the men escape into a desolate and forbidden land known only as the Shadowlands. Now the men must flee from the Warlord's vicious assassins while defending themselves from the terrifying creatures that inhabit the land.

Franklin and the Green Knight 2000

It's winter in Woodland and Franklin is excited about spring coming because his new baby sister will be born. Following the lead of a myth his mom told him, he assumes the role of a Knight and sets out to the woods on a quest for spring. Written by Damaris

The Revenge of Phantom Knight 2018

A patriotic doctor returns to his homeland with his family, seeking a long missing treasure. A series of weird things keeps happening and the doctor begins to behave oddly. Meanwhile, a madman is murdering the local citizens and the doctor’s wife starts to have suspicions. Right before she is able to uncover the truth, another larger conspiracy quietly comes along.

Woody's Knight Mare 1969

While in England, the ruthless King John has placed his gold crown on a pole and everyone has to bow down to it as they pass. Woody refuses to bow down to it and is chased by the king's guard.

Alice's Knaughty Knight 1927

Pete, dressed in a suit of armor, steals away the female that Julius is after. So Julius devises his own suit of armor, made mostly out of junk, to win her back.

Mike the Knight: Be a Knight! 2015

Mike always strives to be the best knight-in-training he can be, especially when the opportunity arises to win three trophies in one day and lead the big parade! With a little support of his friends, Mike learns to play fair and keep promises! Includes six episodes: The Triple Trophy Triumph, The New Castle, The Big Parade, The Knightly Welcome, The Wild Boar, and The Great Rescue.

Nightwing: The Darkest Knight 2015

Nightwing returns home after a brief stint as the Green Lantern to find a close friend of his murdered. On the hunt for answers and justice, Nightwing steps beyond his normal boundaries of control until he is finally forced to the confront the person responsible for the horrific crime. Torn between loyalty and justice, Nightwing is forced into a fight he would never want to have, but is forced to in order to save his city.

Mike the Knight: A Little Knight Music 2014

Mike the Knight is a brand new 52 part CG-animated series bringing the excitement and enchantment of medieval times into the life of the modern pre-schooler for the very first time. In each action-packed episode, viewers are transported to a world filled with marvellous missions, castles, dragons, Vikings and trolls.

Knight of the Plains 1938

Peterson has a plan to obtain all the ranches in the valley. He gives Carson a phony Spanish land grant and has him pose as the Mexican owner. When Fred and Fuzzy have their cattle stolen by Peterson's men, they quickly become involved in the scheme.

The Knight of the Snow 1912

"The Knight of the Snow" is one of the last films Georges Méliès made. By now, he was under contract for his former rival Pathé, where he made a few of his most lavish productions, including this one. Here, Méliès performed in front of the camera as the Devil […]. His incarnation of Satan this time is a sprightly antagonist who kidnaps a princess by locking her in a cage and taking off through the sky in a dragon-pulled carriage. […] (IMDb)

A Rainy Knight 1925

Sweethearts Jimmie Carter and Bessie Barnes work for Adolph Brock at the Acme Corporation. One day while he is out for a drive in his jalopy of a car, Jimmie spies a pretty young woman on horseback. He comes to her rescue after she falls off her horse and gets injured, he leading her to refuge in an abandoned cabin when it starts to rain heavily. Although she flirts with him, he, in turn attracted to her, wants to remain faithful to Bessie and resists his urges. When this woman mysteriously disappear on him, he can't stop thinking about her and follows her innuendo to meet with her at her apartment. All the while, he is unaware that she is Peggy Joyce, Brock's gold-digging fiancée. He is also unaware that Peggy has ulterior motives for coming on to him, which, in combination with her dangerous past, could lead to complications for all involved.

The Last White Knight 2012

Filmmaker Paul Saltzman (Prom Night in Mississippi) presents the world premiere of his latest work. A former Civil Rights worker and 1960s activist, Saltzman returns to Mississippi to encounter the man who once assaulted him — Byron "Delay" De La Beckwith, a KKK member and the son of the man convicted of murdering Medgar Evers — in this affecting documentary about racism, the South and the possibility of reconciliation. (TIFF)

A Wet Knight 1932

When a rainstorm hits, Oswald the Rabbit and Kitty seek shelter in a haunted castle, which is occupied by a monstrous ape.

Knight of the Trail 1915

Jim and Molly are supposed to get married when Molly finds out about her fiances criminal past…

A Harem Knight 1926

A pretty harem girl is rescued by a U. S. Navy officer. Whilst fleeing from the guards the girl takes refuge in the rooms of the notorious Rodney St. Clair, an erring Knight, who is proud of his long list of feminine conquests. But the Navy officer again comes to her rescue, and Sir Rodney is left to marry the harem's fattest woman after she puts a love potion in his drink.

獣戦士ガルキーバ 1995

Juusenshi Gulkeeva, known as Wild Knights Gulkeeva and Beast Warriors Gulkeeva, is an anime series that debuted in 1995. It is an animated adaptation of a manga that initially was serialized in the Shonen Super Sunday.

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